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welcome to my psd blog!

Requests are open

YO! im taking request :)

psd for kylie minogue pics, if it is too blue just play around with color balance, like if you download and don’t steal or i’ll cut your head off :)


psd for Rent screencaps (request)

please, like the post if you donwload it, there is almost a month we don’t post any psd and it won’t make danger by pressing the heart at the bottom,it include a b&w psd and a colored one,it’s a similar version to the psd i’m using right now, if ou don’t like the post i will put a password on it!  ASK ME FOR THE LINK 

PSD #140, Like this post if you take.DL

PSD #139 - Like this post if you download.

PSD #137

like this post if you take, Psd made for gifs, it brings out the most of the colors. DL

PSD #136 - download

PSD #136